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Spiral Icons

A place for Spiral Fans and Icons

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Hello, and welcome to spiral_icons, the community where you can post icons on the anime/manga Spiral!


xx:1:xx This community is for Spiral icons only!

xx:2:xx Respect all members and their work! If you don't like their icons or even them, then just don't comment.

xx:3:xx No SPAMMING the community! If you do you will be banned from here.

xx:4:xx Make sure that when you're taking people's icons, you comment on their post and credit in your keywords.

xx:5:xx If you're posting more then four icons then use and lj-cut. (Also to clarify, fake-cuts are allowed)

xx:6:: Do not take other people's work and edit it! Create your own icons from bases or images, not something someone has already done.

xx:7:xx Along with editing, don't make a post with other people's icons. If any of the icons you post aren't yours, your post will be deleted. (Unless the creators of the icons give you permission, and you prove it to me.)

xx:8:xx Do not link to a Friends-Only post. Make sure everyone can see the icons that you have posted.

xx:9:xx Don't let the rules freak you out, just make sure that before every post you make sure that you're not doing something against the rules.

xx:10:xx Have fun! ^_^


xx:Moderator:xx peaceful_hope / iris_elegance
xx:Co-Moderator:xx ------
xx:Base Maker:xx kyofujimiya


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spiraldestiny :xx: Moderated By: pengie
spiral_icontest :xx: Moderated By: kumagorou_beam
kodocha_icons :xx: Moderated By: iris_elegance